Foldable Phones Coming In 2019

The big new smartphone design trend for 2019 is the folding screen. As phone displays get ever larger, with some now bordering on tablet dimensions, the folding panel takes things back a step by allowing a phone to bend in the middle and therefore be both normal sized phone and tablet.

The first we saw was from Royole in the FlexPai, which was rushed out for January’s CES show in an effort to be the first to launch. ‘Fun but flawed’ was our initial impression, with the overall feeling that the tech is impressive but not quite there yet.

Of course, Royole was not a brand that had crossed our path prior to the launch of the FlexPai, so we have much higher expectations for some of the industry’s biggest names – these guys have been working on their foldable designs for many years now.

At February’s MWC 2019 we saw finished foldable designs from Samsung, Huawei, while TCL showed us a prototype and Motorola all but confirmed it was also working on such a device. LG’s foldable phone is all a bit up in the air, though its new V50 does support a second display which is half-way there, sort of.

And then there’s Apple with the possibility of a foldable iPhone. Will it, won’t it? Read more below. 

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Samsung Galaxy Fold

Huawei Mate X

TCL DragonHinge

Xiaomi Foldable Phone

Motorola Foldable Phone

LG Foldable Phone

Apple Foldable iPhone

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