Best big phone 2018: Phablets worth buying

Your buying guide for the best big phones in 2018

Phones used to be small. Even the first iPhone only had a 3.5in display that today looks remarkably tiny.

The iPhone XS Max has a 6.5in display, and it isn’t the only phone with one that big. In fact, Apple was relatively late to the big phone party.

You may have heard the term phablet, which means phone-tablet. If you’re anything like us, you might even want to use a large phone all the time and not even have a tablet at all.

Size matters

Most phones with displays over 5.5in are considered phablets, but in recent times phones have got taller and thinner displays in order to fit in larger overall displays. Most of the phones in this chart have these taller aspect ratios as they are known 

Not all phones with large screens could be considered ‘big’ though – Despite its 5.7in screen we wouldn’t consider the regular Galaxy S9 to be a phablet, because its tiny bezels mean it’s not a huge handset, yet we would consider the iPhone 8 Plus a phablet with its 5.5in screen, a regular 16:9 display aspect ratio and big bezels. 

Samsung, Huawei, LG and others all have phones that require two handed use most of the time, such is the size of their displays. But big phones have other great benefits like larger batteries and the pay-off is often well worth it. Though some need the large battery as the big screen drains the cell faster. 

The benefits

Watching films and TV becomes much more pleasant on a large screen phone and you’ll find yourself appreciating the photos you take even more when viewed on a big, vibrant display. 

Take into account that the number of pixels will be stretched over a larger screen area, so a Quad-HD screen will be appreciated here more than it would on a compact phone. That said, though, even a full-HD screen will look crystal clear on a big phone – just watch out for anything lower in resolution than this. 

These are the ten best big screen phones you can buy today

Best big phone 2018

1. Google Pixel 3 XL

Google Pixel 3 XL

2. OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6

3. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

4. Huawei Mate 20 Pro

Huawei Mate 20 Pro

  • Reviewed on: 16 October 2018

5. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

6. Apple iPhone XS Max

Apple iPhone XS Max

7. Honor Note 10

Honor Note 10

8. Apple iPhone 8 Plus

Apple iPhone 8 Plus

9. Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

10. Honor Play

Honor Play

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