Motorola Moto G6 Plus Review: Hands-on

Motorola Moto G6 Plus review: Hands-on

In Sao Paulo, Motorola has launched three new Moto G6 phones and the biggest is the 5.9in G6 Plus which comes with various benefits yet only costs £269. Read our first impressions in our Moto G6 Plus hands-on review.

The Moto G range has only been around for five years but has come a long way in that time. Not all the phones are budget prices any more but they’re a lot cheaper than many mid-range devices from the likes of Honor and we’re impressed.

Price and availability

Arriving in the first week of May with the other G6 phones, the Moto G6 Plus will cost just £269 from Carphone Warehouse in the UK or 299 Euros.

It’s the most expensive G6 but undercuts rivals like the impressive Honor 9 even at it’s dramatically reduced price of £299.

There’s also the £169 G6 Play and £219 regular G6 but you might well want to pay the extra dosh for the Plus.

Design and build

Design wise, the Moto G6 Plus is almost identical to the Moto G6. It’s very hard to tell which is which unless you put them side-by-side and even then there’s also a small difference.

The Plus is only marginally bigger than G6 but shares the same design so everything is in the same place. It’s the G6 Play that’s a little different with the headphone jack on the top and the fingerprint scanner on the rear.

Since the phones are similar in size, you don’t need to worry about the Plus being a lot harder to handle. It sort of begs the question as to why they are so close in size. In fact, the spec sheet says they both weigh 167g.

The 3D rear glass looks and feels nice, although it’s a little slippery, and shows just how far the Moto G range has come in just five short years.

Despite having a large 18:9 screen, the fingerprint scanner sits on the front rather than the back.

Like the G6, the Plus model is p2i water repellent so is basically splashproof rather than fully dunkable. It’s worth noting that the camera bump is a bit bigger on the Plus.

Features and specifications

It might look pretty much the same, but the Moto G6 Plus differs in specs here and there. Overall, the upgrades might convince you to pay the extra £50.

Normally a Plus model would largely (pun unintended) be about offering a significantly bigger screen. However, the 5.9in display is only 0.2in bigger than the regular G6’s.

It’s still Full HD+ and IPS LCD so you really won’t notice a big difference.

One of the key things is hidden underneath because you get a Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 rather than a 450. The higher tier chip is 2.2GHz octa-core and will cope better with day-to-day tasks.

G6 Play, G6 and G6 Plus

The G6 Plus also comes with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage as standard where the G6 has 3/32GB although an Amazon exclusive model will match the Plus at £239. There’s a microSD card slot regardless for adding up to 128GB more.

Still, that’s only £30 more for the Snapdragon 630 and some other benefits, too.

You get Bluetooth 5.0 instead of 4.2, 11ac Wi-Fi and a bigger battery at 3200mAh.

In general the camera array is the same, a 12Mp main sensor backed up by a 5Mp sidekick, but the Plus benefits from dual autofocus and a slightly better f/1.7 aperture.

It can also handle video at up to 4K rather than 1080p. The front camera is the same at 8Mp.


The software is no different on the Plus model from the regular so you still get Android 8.0 Oreo and a very stock version of the operating system, too.

There’s no bloatware here as per usual. Motorola does add some handy software experiences though.

They’re all neatly contained in the Moto app where you’ll find gestures (Moto Actions), handy screen features (Moto Display) as well as some new things.

Moto Voice introduces always-on voice commands and Moto Key manages passwords for apps, websites and Windows via the fingerprint scanner. We need more time with these features to comment on them properly.


It might look very similar to the regular G6, and only offer a slightly larger screen, but the G6 Plus impresses in other areas.

You’ll namely want to spend the extra money to get a Snapdragon 630 processor but also upgraded specs including a larger battery, better cameras, more RAM and more storage.

This could well be a mid-range bargain. Stay tuned for a full review soon.

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