Best Light Motion Activated Toilet Night Light Toilet Nightlight

Price: $21.99 - $8.99

Best Light – Motion Activated Toilet Nightlight.

The Best Light will transform ANY toilet into a nightlight. No more missing your target or stumbling around in the dark in your bathroom. The Best Light is motion activated, light-sensitive and solves all your night time bathroom problems. With the touch of a button, you get your choice of 8 different colors in 1 device: blue, purple, aqua, yellow, red, pink, white or green.

•Tired of waking your loved one?
•Want to make potty time FUN for your children?
•Are “Certain” people in your home missing the target?
•Don’t want to be woken up by the blinding lights in the middle of the night?
•Tired of stumbling around, trying to find your way?

If you answered YES to ANY of these, Best Light is what you are missing. You will wonder how you ever lived without it!

Best Light in a Nut Shell!

•Motion Activated, so it turns ON when you enter and OFF when you leave.
•When you enter the Best Light will automatically activate, lighting your way. Light Sensitive (Only activates in darkness).
•Fits ANY Toilet!! Flexible are that will take the shape of any type toilet and will stay in place.
•Select from 8 LED colors with just the press of a button. (blue, yellow, purple, white, aqua, pink, red, and green) Carousel mode that will rotate colors automatically every few seconds if selected.
•8 Colors in 1 Device!
•Beautify your bowl by matching it to your decor.
•With Best Light you can choose from 8 vibrant colors that can be changed with just the touch of a button.

Powered by 3x AAA Batteries (Not Included).

Every Bathroom needs a Best Light!!!Motion-activated LED sensor, not have to turn on the lights to go to the bathroom at night when half asleep, it will not disturb your body sleeping clock.It is motion activated, only turns on when you walk into the bathroom in the dark. It’s always there to show you the way.
Sanitary design make toilet light easy to clean.Ultra-Water Resistant and can be cleaned with most household cleaners!Fits any toilet,toilet night light makes potty Training fun !
Toilet light can choose between 8 single colors or color-cycle, senses you and gentle lights up, leading you right to the spot, no bumping in the dark, and stays on for a minute to help you find your way back to the sack!
Toilet light operated by three AAA batteries, which can be easily get and change. (Battery not included)
The night light’s flexible arm allows it to be bent into any configuration creating a snug fit for any shaped bowl.Extra two pieces of sticker can help to fix the toilet light well.

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