TORREY LPC40L Electronic Price Computing Scale, Rechargeable Battery, Stainless Steel Construction, 100 Memories, 8 Direct Access Keys , 40 lb

Price: $160.00 - $149.00

The LPC 40L model is a 40 lb capacity digital price computing scale that provides a robust, well-constructed scale ideal for butcher shops, delis and farmers or outdoor markets. This Legal for Trade scale measures in increments of 0.01 lb to deliver impeccable accuracy. The TORREY LPC model has a stainless steel cabinet and platter to ensure extended durability and easy to clean surface. The 8 ¾” x 11 13/16″ platter presents versatile platform that can accurately weight infinite diversity of your most popular products. This digital price computing scale was design to perform in high pace environments that require a scale that is both durable and portable; Its 100 hour rechargeable battery guaranties steady and consistent usage even in places without a nearby electric outlet. The LPC model comes equipped with two large LCD screens with included backlight to clearly show the weight of portioned items even in dark areas. The on-board memory includes 100 price memories and eight direct access keys that will allow you to easily weight and sell your most demanded products. The RS-232 data port allows a PC or printer to connect easily to the scale.

Electronic 40 lb price computing scale
Stainless steel construction
Legal for trade
100 hour rechargeable battery.Printer interface
Weight capacity:40 kg

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