portable thin pocket sized USB power 5W charge port travel charger 1 Amp output 12Wh (1-2 charges) battery capacity designed for the Archos Gmini 400 402

Price: $19.99

Save time and charge your Archos Gmini 400 402 on the go.built to last using the latest in lithium battery technology – capable of over 1200 battery cycles
thin and light weight to fit in your pocket – kit is deigned to be carried with you so you always have a charge available on the go
What is included? one (1) USB power battery pack – one (1) USB charge cable specifically designed for the Archos Gmini 400 402 – one (1) USB power pack charge cable
can hang on a handbag or backpack with included hand strap also the strap is handy to hold the pack securely during use
battery spec: 12Wh capacity – 70g – 5V 1A (5W) output – 106 x 39 x 9.8mm – USB cable length: 80 cm (31 inches) … not too short yet not to long to be cumbersome

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