Digital Gadgets Compact Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Plug Control From Smartphone Anywhere Works With Alexa

Price: $19.99


This mini socket turns any household item into a high-tech device.

Use your phone, tablet, or even your Amazon Echo to set a lamp on a timer, turn on a humidifier remotely, and much more.


The Digital Gadget Wi-Fi Electrical Outlet Mini Smart Socket is an easy to install, wall mounted intelligent electrical outlet switch that controls your home electronic appliances from anywhere.

This smart gadget enhances your daily comfort with its extended features. It lets the owner set customized schedules, create scenes, and plans for his/her appliance, turning them into a smart high-end utility.

The device is efficiently compatible with any smart device over Wi-Fi. It synchronizes with Alexa, Google Nest, and IFTTT.

This innovative electric gadget features custom Wi-Fi settings, and safety against overload and short-circuit.


  • Built-in Wi-Fi
  • Access your appliances with free app, for iPhone and Android
  • Measures 1-7/8″Diam x 1″DSAVES YOU ON BILLS: This mini smart socket is highly customizable and allows you to set timers and synchronize devices to your schedule so that you stop worrying about switching your lamps off in case you fall asleep, reducing your expenses
    COMPACT SIZE AND EASY INSTALLATION: The Mini Smart is a normal size socket that can be carried anywhere and is installed like an ordinary plug saving you confusion or hefty installation fees
    SUPERIOR SECURITY: This is a worry-free smart mini appliance that comes with custom Wi-Fi settings, overload and short-circuit protection to prevent any hazardous situations. Its powerful secured loading capability extends up to 2200W
    CONTROL EVERYTHING COMFORTABLY FROM ONE POINT: No need to tromp from room to room turning off lights or tweaking timers because this smart socket will do it for you from anywhere. Parents can switch an appliance off or on while at the park with their kids
    EASY COMPATIBILITY WITH APPLICATIONS: Can be controlled with any smart device over Wi-Fi and syncs with Alexa, Google nest and IFTTT

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