Toshiba Flash Air III Wireless SD Memory Card 16GB (PFW016U-1CCW)

Price: $31.29

Want to share photos anytime, anywhere-without the hassle of pulling the memory card from your camera? The Flash Air III Wireless SD Card is your ticket to ultimate convenience, letting you share your life’s moments with others wirelessly and instantly, right from a tablet, PC or smartphone. Like all SD cards, the Flash Air III holds lots of pictures, videos and files-now with capacity up to 32GB. Yet the Flash Air III is so much more than a simple storage device. By creating its own wireless LAN access point, the Flash Air III lets your friends and family view pictures on your camera through a browser on your PC, smartphone or tablet, quickly, easily and securely. They can download them, too. All they need is a wireless LAN connection-no special driver, software, cables or even an Internet connection. Built to last thanks to Toshiba innovation, the Flash Air III Wireless SD Card is guaranteed to make sharing photos and videos more fun and social than ever.The Flash Air III Wireless SD Card includes a wireless LAN chip plus an antenna that makes it accessible to any WLAN-capable PC, smartphone or tablet. Its internet pass-through feature allows you to access the card and the internet at the same time.
Enhanced with Class 10 speed, Flash Air III Wireless SD Card enables fast data transfers for uploading images and videos within seconds. It also offers high storage capacities-either 16 GB or 32 GB so you’ve got plenty of room for photos and memories.
Flash Air III Wireless SD Card is easy to use and is compatible with most digital cameras. Simply slide the card into a digital camera or camcorder. Its built-in wireless LAN access point requires no Internet connection to share pictures on devices.
No internet connection is required to access Flash Air III. So as soon as your images are uploaded, your friends can take a look. And the free Flash Air app makes it easy to share with iOS and Android devices.

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