Super Challenge Football

Price: $49.95 - $10.00

For two players. One controls Home Team, the other controls Visitors. Program each offensive lineman. Block…or go out for a pass. You control the quarterback. Program each defensive lineman. Follow the play & rush the quarterback… or cover the receiver! You control the linebacker! Touchdowns, passing, rushing, tackling. Interceptions & incompletes in 4 quarters of play. User your Joystick Controller to play Super Challenge Football on your Atari Video Game System or Sears Video Aracade System. Following info from AtariAge website: INTV purchased the rights to MNetwork games from Mattel and released them as this white label version. It consists only of a small end label, with black text on a white background. It is identical to the MNetwork version except for the color. There is no main label for this game. The unusual shape comes from the fact that the main portion of the case is an Intellivision cartridge case with an Atari-sized adapter on the end. INTV games came with black and white manuals in an attempt to cut costs.

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