Polaroid Originals ND Filter Double Pack, Black (4741)

Price: $6.99

If you’ve got a Polaroid SX-70, you might be a little bummed that all our special edition film packs are for 600 cameras only. But don’t worry – these Neutral Density filters slot over the top of 600 cartridges, changing how much light the film receives. And just like that, they make any 600 film compatible with SX-70 cameras. They’re completely reusable, too, so they should last you a lifetime. Just don’t throw them out with the cartridge when you finish a pack of film – seriously, it happens all the time.Pack of 2 Neutral Density Filters
Adjusts 600 film to 100 ASA for use with SX-70 cameras
Detachable and Reusable

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