AIEX 39.37 Feet/12m hook and Loop Self Adhesive Tape Roll With Gift Scissors (White)

Price: $11.99

Self adhesive fastening tape:
Sticky back fastening tape, easy and convenient to use, leaves no vestige after tearing it off from smooth surfaces, so do not have to worry about damaging the paste surface.

Cut into the length you want:
The hook and loop strips can be cut into the length you want and need, good for your crafting, sewing and so on.

Wide usage:
The fastener magic tape is good for home, office, school and workshop use; Should be applied on smooth surfaces, such as walls, plastics, glasses, etc. Good to use in binding computer cords, cables and patch cables, keep your desk, office and home organized and help with storage.

Each tape roll length: 39.37 feet/ 12 m
Each tape roll width: 3/ 4 inch/ 2 cm
Color: white

Package includes:
1 Roll of 39.37 feet hook tape
1 Roll of 39.37 feet loop tape
1 x Gift Scissors

In order to guarantee the glue viscosity of the product, please use this product on smooth surface, such as smooth walls, plastics, glasses, metals, etc.

Hook and Loop tape: package includes 1 roll of self adhesive hook tape and 1 roll of self adhesive loop tape. Each roll is 39.37 feet/12m in length and 3/4 inch/2cm in width
Simple: peel off tape cover and place on most surfaces very easily, leaves no vestige after tearing off smooth surfaces
Free scissors: this products come with a free pair of scissors for cutting the tape to preferred size so that it can be used on the object of your liking
Many uses: This hook and loop tape can be used for home, office, school, and other crafting applications
Excellent for keeping everything organized, whether that be children toys, remotes and other office gadgets this tape is perfect for the job

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