Gomadic Double Wall AC Home Charger suitable for the Danger Hiptop 2 – Charge up to 2 devices at the same time with TipExchange Technology

Price: $31.56

Whether you find yourself on the road a lot or simply trying to unclutter the countertops of your kitchen or desk, I think we all would agree that there are times when a Double Wall Charger for our Danger Hiptop 2 would be convenient. With its multiport design, you can not only charge the Danger Hiptop 2, but also a second device, simultaneously, using our unique Gomadic TipExchange connection system. Built to last in an extremely compact, durable and elegant design, complete with foldable wall adapters, glossy finish, and covered by our Gomadic Lifetime Warranty, this Double Wall Charger will quickly establish itself as the Danger Hiptop 2 go-to charging accessory.A full 10W of available charging current (e.g. 2,000mAh) is available for rapid charging. Considerably higher available current compared to standard Danger Hiptop 2 wall chargers.
Gomadic TipExchange Technology protects your investment by providing a means to change or upgrade your charger by simply swapping the physical charging tip. Danger Hiptop 2 specific tip as well as standard microUSB and Female USB tips are included. Additional tips sold separately.
Custom designed advanced circuit provides precision output voltage and current regulation specific to the Danger Hiptop 2 (accurate to 0.1v). The additional charging port is available for simultaneous charging of a secondary device.
The Gomadic “”Power Sleep”” feature cuts latent power draw by over 99%. Charger goes to near dormant state when not in use.
Well designed, using high quality components and durable case. Backed by our Gomadic Lifetime Warranty.

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