Mother 3 Full English Translation – made for Nintendo Game Boy Advance – Homebrew / Hack / Fan Translation [video game] [Game Boy]

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Mother 3 is a 2006 role-playing video game developed and published for the Game Boy Advance handheld game console. The game had originally been released in Japan, and now it has made its way into English speaking households. It has a worldwide cult following. It was written by Shigesato Itoi, the creator of the series, and directed by Nobuyuki Inoue. The music was composed by Shōgo Sakai. While Mother 3 is the sequel to EarthBound and is the third game in the series, the story focuses on a new, unrelated cast of characters. There are six main characters in Mother 3: Lucas, a young boy; Flint, a livestock farmer and father of Lucas and his brother Claus; Kumatora, a princess; Duster, a thief; Boney, Flint’s dog; and Salsa, a performing monkey. The game frequently switches perspective between the characters as the story progresses, but the later chapters of the game focus on Lucas, Boney, Kumatora, and Duster. These characters have abilities unique to them. A legendary game that is timeless; worthy of being in any RPG gamer’s collection.Guide multiple parties! From a cowboy to a monkey to a tomboy princess, your party will be quite a diverse group!
Get ready to learn powerful PSI techniques! Explore the world and combat foes in turn-based battles. Don’t forget to talk to every frog you meet on your quest in order to save your progress!
Laugh-out-loud humor! Prepare yourself for familiar foods as recovery items, nostalgic character designs, and an unbelievable amount of surprises!

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