Logitech Harmony Touch Advanced Remote Control 915-000279

Price: $99.00 - $82.99

Rethink your remote. We did. Logitech Harmony┬« Touch is an advanced universal remote control for your home entertainment system. Its intuitive color touch screen lets you swipe and tap your way to favorite activities, like watch TV or play games. Plus you can customize your device and re-order up to 50 favorite channel icons right on the remote. It’s compatible with over 225,000 devices and controls up to 15. Harmony Touch has a sleek, ergonomic design that looks as good as it feels. The included charging station keeps your remote powered and within reach. Harmony Touch will redefine control over your home entertainment.Intuitive color touch screen: Access all your entertainment options, like “Watch TV” or “Listen to Music”, with one touch
Customizable channel icons: Set up to 50 favorite channels on the touch screen, change channels with one simple tap, and organize them the way you want right on the remote
Sleek, streamlined design: Sculpted, ergonomic shape and uncluttered back-lit button layout for easy navigation-even in the dark
Recharging station: Keeps your remote charged, ready and always in reach
Universal control of up to 15 devices: Works with 5,000+ brands and 225,000+ devices, including ones you add tomorrow

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