SteriPen FAF-ADP Drinking Water Bottles Filter Kit

Price: $24.95 - $17.96

Offers the flexibility to filter water into bottles with a wide range of opening sizesSteriPEN FitsAll Fiter removes particulates from water. Use alone or to ready water for treatment with a SteriPEN handheld, UV water purifier.
Easily adapts to use with a variety of bottles. For narrow-mouth bottles, use the funnel and filter cup; just the filter cup for wider mouth bottles
Includes long-lasting, SteriPEN Filter Cartridge to remove particles greater than 40 microns. Replacement Filter Cartridges available separately.
Versatile and lightweight. Nests for easy storage. Rugged, flexible material allows it to stow away compactly and snap back to shape when unpacked.
Easy to use; place in bottle opening and immerse in water or pour water through. Water can be purified with SteriPEN in same water bottle.

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