GREENWON Professional Breathalyzer with Semi-conductor Sensor and LCD Display Digital Breath Alcohol Tester with 5 Mouthpieces

Price: $17.99 - $11.06

Pormptly and conveniently design for measuring BAC.
A simple method to analysis Blood Alcohol Concentration at anytime and anywhere.
It’s easy to carry.
Digital alcohol tester with audible alert.

1 Sensor: Semiconductor alcohol sensor
2 Warm-up time: Within 10 seconds
3 Respond time: Within 5 seconds
4 Operating temperature range: 5 ~ 40
5 Detection range: 0.00 – 0.19% BAC & 0.0-1.9g/l
6 Digital display results and audible alert
7 Quick response and resume
8 Auto power-off
9 key chain & red color backlight
10 use mouthpiece
11 Low voltage indicator
12 Power: 3V (2 x AAA alkaline battery, not included)
13 Unit size: 118 x 70 x 28 mm
14.Material : ABS
15.breath exhaust mouthpiece could be replaced

Package Content
1 x Manual
1 x Digital Breath Alcohol Tester
5 x Breath inhaler Case

Notices : 1. For this value and price breathalyzer, test result must have some errors and it is unavoidable.
2. Our breathalyzer only measure alcohol which can’t measure ketones and any others elements.

1.Pormptly and conveniently design for measuring BAC.
2.Range 0.00-0.19% BAC & 0.0-1.9 g/l.
3.Key chain & red color backlight,comes with additional mouth pieces.
4.Quick response and resume.
5.Condition Noteļ¼šIf the product is not used for some time, please start 4-5 times.

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