OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Pedometer | Best Pedometer for Walking | Accurately Track Steps and Miles, Calories Burned & Speed | A Step Tracker for Men & Women | Buy your Step Counter today!

Price: $41.95

Designed to be used outdoors or anywhere you will be walking more than 15 consecutive steps

Multifunction Pedometer with Pause function & Low Battery Warning keeps you counting steps longer. A Multi-function Pedometer for Step Monitoring

Start counting your steps today!

– Do you want to improve your overall health?
– Do you feel there is never enough time in the day for exercising?
– Do you wish there was a way to stay motivated & workout more?
– What if you could boost your energy levels and your metabolism simply by doing more of what you already do – Interested?

Introducing Your Very Own Personal Digital Fitness & Calorie Monitor

– Simple and easy to use allowing you to start tracking steps immediately.
– The large easy to read display makes it the ideal choice for all ages
– Includes a built-in clock to keep track of your walking time each day
– Supports users weighing 44 lbs. to 441 lbs.

Stay Healthy while your digital coach encourages you to meet your fitness goals

It is the age old saying – “what gets measured gets done”. The SC2 Digital Walking Pedometer keeps you motivated by providing a daily tally of your activity (Step Count, Activity Time, Calories, Distance in miles/km & Speed). Use it Everywhere. Place it in a pocket or Clip it on & GO!

What’s in the Box

– OZO Fitness SC2 Digital Walking Pedometer
– Built-in spring coil action belt clip
– Battery 1x CR-2032
– User manual + Access to our Help Desk should you have a question

Amazon Buyers Trust our OZO Fitness Brand to be Quality Premium Products.A SMART ACTIVITY TRACKER that makes it easy and fun to achieve your walking, running or jogging goals. The advanced 3D Tri-Axis Sensor measures accurate counts for Steps, Distance, Calories, MPH / KPH and Exercise Time, giving you the feedback you need to stay motivated & improve your health.
EASY TO USE & PROGRAM; Tired of complicated setups? Looking for simple? Get started in minutes. Have a problem, contact us for quick answers. Our Fitness monitor is a non-Bluetooth device. The built-in clock is a handy watch and triggers midnight resets, so you start fresh each morning. The 7 Day Memory Log tracks a week’s worth of measurements for easy reference.
EASY TO READ Large LCD display screen makes it possible to see your results without putting on glasses. The big buttons on the front make it convenient for programming and viewing the different modes, making it an excellent choice for seniors, the elderly and kids.
SMALL & EASY TO CONCEAL in a pocket or purse or clip on your waist, belt, ankle, shoe or bra. It is comfortable to wear with all types of clothing, so you can be discreet about your fitness goals. The blue color is easy to spot in the bottom of a bag.
Makes a wonderful Christmas Present | What our Amazon Customers Say: “Love it! Worth the price”, “Super step tracker!”, “easy to use and accurate”, “I like my pedometer.”, “It is simple to setup and that was very important to me. No computer required, no internet etc.”. 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. Order while supplies last.

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