Hearing Amplifier – Personal Sound Amplifiers – Digital Quality – Set of 2

Price: $19.99

Cyber Science worked with the best audiologists to create and develop our newest hearing amplifier. We provide you with the opportunity to buy doctor recommended and audiologist approved hearing device without a prescription! each personal sound amplification device Include:
• 2 premium hearing amplifiers:
with 12 volume channels to help personalize your hearing experience.
• 6 customizable noise blocking eartips: find the eartip that best fits your ear
• 6 1.5v batteries: you can also use: PG13, L1154, 357, A712, LR44, AG13 batteries
Instructional videos: we include step-by-step directions to help optimize your hearing amplifiers and avoid confusion
Our new and improved digital design we uses flexible, mini ear buds that are designed to fit snugly inside the 2nd bend of your ear canal. This deeper placement allows the system to take advantage of your ear’s natural acoustics and anatomy for a sound quality that can change your life! Cyber Science’s hearing amplifiers can improve hearing up to 98% with our:
• Digital sound quality: easily adjust your volume to the setting that fits your hearing environment best!
Tightfit eartips: block out white noise and unnecessary background noise with the personalized eartip desgined specifically for you!
Flexible ear tubing: engineered to fit both your left and right ears with our versitile ear tubing!
Premium voice clarification: Cyber Science helps retain voices and enhance your conversations!
Step-by-step directions: we send you easy to understand videos and directions to guarantee a risk free buying experience.
We created the perfect hearing device designed to enhance and amplify sound levels, without increasing white noise and static.2 HEARING AMPLIFIERS WITH 12 VOLUME CHANNELS: Cyber Science has the volume level specifically designed for you. We engineered our personal sound hearing amplifiers with an easy to use volume knob that can adjust to six levels! Cyber Science designed 4 different volume levels for each personal sound amplifier, providing you with a total of 12 volume levels you can customize your hearing.
VIDEO DIRECTIONS: Cyber Science understands that some hearing amplifiers can be confusing to operate due to small print manuals and minimal directions, therefore we include step-by-step videos to help walk you through the Cyber Science process. We will be in contact with you as soon as you order your hearing amplifier to ensure high quality customer service. If you don’t enjoy your Cyber Science personal sound amplification product simply return it within the first 30 Days for a FULL REFUND!
PERSONALIZED TightFit EARTIPS: Cyber Science understands the importance of fitted hearing amplifiers, therefore we’ve included each hearing amplifier with 3 different sized ear tips . We encourage you to test all three to decide which size fits your ears best! Our Eartips are designed to contour to the shape of your inner-ear and block any background noise from tarnishing your hearing experience.
BATTERIES & TRAVEL CASE INCLUDED: Cyber Science provides you with a protective & durable hearing amplifier case and 6 free batteries. We use 1.5v batteries, which are equivalent & compatible with: PG13, L1154, 357, A76, LR44, AG13. Take your personal sound amplification products anywhere you go and enhance your hearing instantly!
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: If you aren’t completely satisfied with Cyber Science’s Behind the Ear Digital Hearing Amplifier simply return your top-rated hearing amplifier for a FULL REFUND, no questions asked. Cyber Science guarantees to help enhance & amplify your hearing, with limited white noise & static.

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