HIDEit Air-XS Wall Mount (White) | Bracket for Apple Airport Express MC414LL/A (2012-Present) | Made in the USA by the Leaders in Component Mounting Solutions

Price: $24.99 - $13.99


Sitting on a desk or somewhere out in the open is just asking to be knocked down, become subject to spills, or worse! Wall mount your Airport Express and forget about it, it’s out of harm’s way!


There’s a lot of talk about metal impacting wireless signals. Which is why we asked a Certified Mac Repair Tech to test drive our mount and use it exclusively for all internet use. After over 6 months no complaints! You might have Wi-Fi disruption if you use your microwave or bluetooth device directly next to your Airport Express! So, be mindful of location, the right location can make all the difference!

QUICK, EASY INSTALLATION. We provide drywall screws and anchors rated for 25-pounds each. Install with or without a drill – no measuring, no templates!

INNOVATIVE DESIGN Our design allows full access to ports, and doesn’t impact performance mount turned in any direction!

STRONG AND DURABLE Made from cold-rolled steel for increased strength. Won’t bend, sag, or break like plastic and glass.

Why Choose HIDEit Mounts? HIDEit is a total solution to vertically wall mount your electronic components and video game consoles and has been trusted by thousands since 2009. Family owned and operated. HIDEit Mounts are made in the USA in an ISO Certified shop.Conveniently Mount Your Airport Express! Save space and place it where you need it for optimal performance
Designed to Mount in Any Direction! Full access to all ports.
Thorough Testing Ensures No Wi-Fi Signal Loss. Wi-Fi Antennas are not blocked by the mount
Made in the USA from Powder-Coated Steel for Superior Strength and Durability
Includes Screws + 25lbs Rated Drywall Anchors. Quick, Easy Install. Stud Mounting optional

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