SteriPEN Water Bottle Pre-Filter

Price: $12.95 - $9.13

When clear water is not available, use the Water Bottle Pre-Filter by SteriPEN. The Pre-Filter filters out particulates and debris. Fits on Nalgene and other wide-mouth water bottles. Replacement screen also available.SteriPEN Pre-Fiter removes particulates from water. Use alone or to ready water for treatment with a SteriPEN handheld, UV water purifier.
SteriPEN Pre-Filter fits the openings of Nalgene and comparable wide-mouth water bottles and can be stored on bottle.
Features a durable 40-micron filter cartridge to remove particulates from water when filling bottle by submerging or pouringwater into filter.
Makes purification easy – insert SteriPEN handheld UV water purifier into center of Pre-Filter, turn bottle upside down and agitate to treat water.
SteriPEN Pre-Filter stores easily the your Nalgene bottle when you’re on the go.

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