DreamSky Digital Alarm Clock Radio With USB Port And FM Radios , Earphone Jack , Large 1.8 ” LED Display With Dimmer , Snooze , Sleep Timer , Battery Back , Outlet Powered Clock For Bedroom.

Price: $39.99 - $22.99

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Big Size Clock Radio With Large Number Display
-8″ big screen with 1.8″ digit number display,time is clearly to see at a glance.

-With the dimmer function enable to set the brightness of clock bright in the daytime and softer when sleeping as your preference.

Digital FM radio With Volume Control
-Easy tuning in FM radio with high quality reception .With the volume control, you are enable to adjust the radio volume from 1-16 level.
-Gerneric 3.5 mm earphone jack compatible with most earphone in the market. Now you can enjoy the radio alone without disturb other family.

Programmable Sleep Timer
-Fall asleep to your favorite stations with the sleep timer, the radio will automatically switch off while selected duration is end .
– The sleep timer duration are available to set 10 -120 minutes .

Wake Up Sound Optional And Snooze
-Wake up to buzzer or radio as preset .While select to wake up to radio, the alarm will always play back the last tuning station.
-The repeat snooze function let you catch extra shuteye,9 minute late will be sound again to ensure to wake you up , so that you won’t be late

Extra USB Port
-Charge your cellphone, tablet or other smart device witht the USB port,now the clock radio become a charging station.
-The USB port compatitible with most of usb device on the market .USB cable is not included

Main Power Source And Battery Backup
-Powered by 5V DC adapter (included ) -An optional backup battery to maintain your clock and alarm settings during a power outage.
Large Display Alarm Clock : Large clock with 1.8″ led digit display , time is clearly to see at a glance. 12/24 hour display optional. Adjustable dimmer enable you to set the brightness of high or low . Great for bedroom , desktop, office or bedside clock .
Digital FM Radio With Sleep timer : Easy tuning in FM radio channel with 0-16 level volume adjustable . Along with a headphone jack to listen to music in private . Benefit sleep timer function lets you fall asleep to the radio by preset the radio to play for a certain amount time ( 10-120 minutes optional ).
USB Charging Port : Extra USB port allow you to charge your smartphone , ipad or other smart device without plug in wall , handy , conveniently and organized .
Ascending Loud Alarms With Snooze: Preset wake up to buzzer or radio should your preference . Alarm will begin sound faintly then increases in volume over 3-5 seconds to extremely loud. 9 minutes interval snooze can be repeated up to one hour until turned off .
Outlet Powered With Battery Back : Plug in to power the clock radio with the included certified DC adapter . 2* AAA battery ( not included ) backup needed for storage the settings but not power on the unit in case of power outage.

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