Eye-Fi Certified Compact Flash Type II Adapter for Eyefi Mobi Cards (SDCCFA-C15)

Price: $45.52

The Wi-Fi CF Adapter from Eyefi is the only CF adapter that is certified to work with Eyefi cards in Compact Flash Type II UDMA and non-UDMA cameras. It’s the only adapter that is compatible with Eyefi Mobi and Eyefi MobiPro cards, and tested against 30 of the most popular CF camera models. When paired with an Eyefi Mobi or MobiPro card, photos will be sent to your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computer as you take them.CF adapter certified by Eyefi to work in CF Type II cameras
The only adapter that is compatible with Eyefi Mobi & Eyefi MobiPro cards
Pair with Eyefi Mobi or Eyefi MobiPro card to transfer photos from your camera to your iPhone, iPad, Kindle, Android or desktop/laptop as you take them

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