Postcards: Hamilton Pulsar James Bond Live and Let Die Wristwatch (10-pack)

Price: $19.95

Why do people continue to send postcards?

At a time when an estimated 230 billion SPAM e-mails are sent out each day, postcards stand out and are welcomed by recipients.

Postcards carry your individualized message, written in your own hand (as opposed to the rigidity of cell phone type-faces and cookie-cutter emoticons). And without the risk of writer’s block that keeps so many of us from putting pen to intimidatingly-blank sheet of paper.

Moreover, did you know that a postcard is 70% more likely to be remembered by a recipient than an e-mail with similar text and imagery? Once received, picture-postcards will often deliver multiple ongoing impressions per recipient, finding their way onto office bulletin boards and kitchen refrigerators.

Forget about nostalgia. We’re talking tangible, real-world connections here. No need to hunt for an envelope, no folding. No reason to hesitate in looking at these images out of fear for computer virus infection.

When you can’t afford not to be read: Send postcards.

Here are some additional details on these postcard 10-packs.

This listing is for a shrink-wrapped pack of 10 postcards, all of the same design. For example: Order “1” and you will receive 10 of this postcard, order “2” for 20 of this postcard, and so forth. Each postcard measures approximately 4″ x 5.75″ in size, which complies with USPS regulations for postcard mailing rate.

The photograph shown covers the entire picture-side of this postcard, edge-to-edge (i.e., postcards do not have white border).Official photograph for James Bond Wore the Quartz RevolutionTM Gallery
Part of National Watch & Clock Museum Exhibit, opened 2015
Formally referenced as model P2 / 2900
The first quartz James Bond watch
Originally cost $395, priced higher than Rolex Submariner

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