Sony D-SJ301 S2 Sports CD Walkman

Price: $119.99 - $399.99

Whether youM-^Rre lounging around or working up a sweat, this Sony CD Walkman« can entertain you. It has skip-free G-ProtectionM-^Y technology, so you wonM-^Rt have to worry about your tunes skipping when you run, bike or just walk around. There are 9 playback modes so you can listen to what you want, when you want. And 2 M-^SAAM-^T batteries power the unit for 50 hours of continuous play. The player even has a reflective hand strap to make it more convenient to carry with you.Rugged, water-resistant design with Ultimate Skip Free G-Protection technology for active use
9 playback modes (including shuffle play, repeat play, and 64-track program play)
Includes headphones and AC adapter
2-position automatic volume limiter system (AVLS) conserves batteries
50 hours playback with 2 AA batteries, works with rechargeable batteries (no batteries included)

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